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Diet Detective: Advice From the World's Top Chefs
by Charles Stuart Platkin June 17, 2009 (www.kval.com/news/health/48261412.html)

How do you create your healthy recipes? Norene Gilletz, chef and author of Norene's Healthy Kitchen (Whitecap Books, 2007)

I start with recipes that are family favorites, then use simple techniques to modify them and make them healthier.

When baking, I use fruit purees, such as applesauce or pureed prunes, to replace part of the fat. I replace part or all of the flour with whole-wheat flour, finely ground rolled oats or ground almonds. Sometimes I add wheat germ or flaxseed. I use canola oil or soft tub margarine in my baked goods rather than butter. I try to incorporate fruit into many of my desserts. And I love chocolate, but I keep portions small, saving the chocolates for a special treat. (You know that chocolate comes from the cocoa bean and everyone knows that beans are good for you!)

In cooking, I use small amounts of olive oil, nonstick cookware and nonstick spray. I add lots of vegetables and some lean protein to my pasta, rice (brown or basmati) or whole-grain dishes to add fiber, flavor and volume. I also like to use fresh herbs whenever possible. And I make lots of hearty fiber-filled soups with lentils or beans and barley, plus lots of veggies. Fiber makes you feel full, and soup is a terrific way to help control hunger.



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